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Senior Staff writer, Pacific Stars and Stripes Employed, July 18, 1956-November, 1995 I have covered all manner of events and have written every kind of news and feature story, from the signing of the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty to the controversy over the Kansai New International Airport; six presidential visits; four times in Vietnam as a war correspondent; traveled to Hanoi to do stories on post war impressions of the country; funeral of the Emperor Showa, coronation of Emperor Akihito; special world famous political, literary and entertainment personalities, everybody from John Stenbeck to Sylverster Stallone; thorough and consistent coverage of Japan, Korea and Philippines, along with assignments to points of political and cultural interest such as Tinian, Palau, Iwo Jima and Marcus Island; special supplements on life and culture of Asia, including a highly praised magazine that covered Japan the American military communities around Zama, Iwakuni, Fussa and other places, from Misawa to Nagasaki, in particular, in recent times, I have covered trade friction between the United States and Japan and the growing military relationship between the two along with difficulties over U.S. troop presence in Okinawa, the pullout of American forces from the Philippines, the impact of crimes against Japanese in America. Recently published “The Wake of War – Mercy Followed by Mayhem” in Japanese by PHP Japan.

One for All, All for One

『ネットワード・インターナショナル・サービス(Netword International Services Pty Ltd.)』グループ、PCA『パシフィック異文化教育アカデミー(Pacific Cross-Culture Academy)』のラグビー・スポーツコーディネーターで活躍するスタッフ、ステファン・ヒルを紹介します。

Stephen Hill
Reference:Yoshiro Mori 森喜朗(85,86代総理)、Taizo Hirabayashi 平林 泰三 (Japan Top League Referee)

International Referee
Gold Coast Breakers Technical Assistant Australian Rugby Union Referee Coach

Hello Japanese Friends,

I have refereed since 2001 after returning from Europe where I was player/coach for the Spanish team CN Montjuic. I have refereed Test Match Rugby as well as having heavy involvement in Rugby for the last 5 years. Rugby refereeing has taken me to Japan in 2009 for Top League and the Sanix Tournament in 2011.

I currently am a referee coach and mentor for developing talent in Australia with the
Australian Rugby Union. We have vision to develop Referees with potential to the future and immerse them in a professional environment. This will give the Referee a taste of what it takes to step up to the next level.

2011.10.27 Stephen Hill

Stephen Hill